Number crunching, when you just don’t have the time.

Whether you are running your own business, or keeping on eye on your beloved clubs finances or even both, there comes a time when your magical juggling act just falls down. It’s at those times when you secretly wished you had someone there to lend a helping hand.

Even with the most powerful accounting software at your fingertips, managing the books can be a time consuming process. Sales to enter, purchases, banking transactions, invoicing, reconciliation, the list goes on. As times change so do many peoples job descriptions, including mine. A few short years a Multi media professional meant someone who could do amazing things with Video’s, Photo’s, Artwork and Website design. As technology changed so did the software that a multimedia person had to master to keep ahead of the game. One such program I was required to master was Microsoft excel, this knowledge assisted me to create certain tables and databases needed to make sure  a website functioned correctly. Being a very small player meant my business accounting was also solely up to little ol’ me. And hence the need to learn to find my way around the very powerful myob accounting software. It was also necessary to learn a few things about computer maintenance so I could keep the computer gremlins at bay and as a result avoid expensive repairs.

About 18 months ago I was asked to take over the treasurers position of a Queensland equine sporting club and naturally I said yes. Although I had extensive knowledge of myob there was still a learning curb and working with the clubs accountant I learned things about this amazing program I didn’t even know existed. With that experience under my belt I can now input all the required data needed to generate invoices, receipts, GST reports, profit and loss reports, all ready to pass onto my accountant to either produce a BAS statement or perform the end of year Audit.

With all this knowledge under my belt, I’m thinking I would be a valuable member of your team. So if you ever need a helping hand with some of you IT needs, whether it be some data inputting or even advise on how to keep your computer gear running efficiently, give us a hoy. I’m here to help.




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