Real Estate Photography From $140

Without a doubt your house is your most prized possession,  “A house is made of bricks and beams. A home is made of hopes and dreams”.  Selling your valuable asset will no doubt bring about some mixed emotions, excitement for the future ahead, blended with some feelings of sadness in leaving  a part of your life behind. It’s a busy time for the home owner and all that work can be undone if the Real Estate Photography doesn’t do your property justice.

When it comes to moving on from that place you call home, whatever feelings are evoked it is vitally important that you do all in your power to get the most from your financial investment. Let’s face it, your home is the single largest investment  you are likely to make in your life.


With your gardens tidied and the house itself freshened up you are now ready to display your home to your potential market. The next decision is who or how you are going to put your property out there to the public. Real Estate agents are still the popular choice, with many websites available for you to market your investment yourself. Once that decision is made it’s time for the fun to begin, a part of that fun of course is your Real Estate Photography.

This is your shop window so to speak as these photos are most likely the first contact your potential buyer will have with your property. So it really makes a lot of sense to think carefully about who you chose to take those photos. Your photographer should make a maximum effort to capture the essence of your property. You are not just selling a home, you are selling to someone their new lifestyle. This is why it is important that the photographer liaises with you about your precious home. Your photographer should be asking you questions about your memories of living in your home and the things that you love the most about it.


That is why I prefer to do real estate shoots in two stages. Your first meeting is a one to one meeting where we just chat and plan what we both consider would be best for the photo shoot itself. This includes the best time of day which is crucial in utilising the light that is available. It also lets me the photographer, decide on how much artificial light I will require to show off the best of your property to the public.

The next stage of course is the shoot itself. With all the planning done this process should be relatively painless and done with a minimum of fuss. Then with the shoot in the bag your photos are edited and either burnt to disc or placed on a memory stick for you to distribute to your hearts content.

So have decided to sell your home and are seeking a professional Photographer. I would be honored to be invited to your house for a free discussion. Just give me a call on 02 66 793 652 to discuss what would be the best for you.

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