Ray Cooper Multimedia Professional
Having spent the majority of my teenage years helping my dad run his small Quarter Horse operation, it was only natural that at some stage of my life I would be reunited with my true passion.

My career path took me to the city, where I became involved with the Film and Television Industry for just under 30 years. It was a great experience working with and learning from the best available, however, the time came for a new challenge.

Since I can remember I have always had an SLR camera hanging around my neck and was an avid "hobbyist" photographer. In about 2002 I decided to go to a few horse shows , took some photos and tried to sell them. One thing led to another and I found myself photographing more and more equine events mainly focused around the Western Events including Cutting, Campdrafting and Reining. In 2008 I was chosen by the NCHA Board of Directors to be the very first photographer to photograph the Australian NCHA Futurity held at the ALEC Stadium. In the same year I started videoing a few weekend cutting events.

In 2005 I designed my own Photography Website and also introduced to Australia a little website called Justcuttin'. As my sites grew, in particular Justcuttin', I found myself delving into the world of design and website coding. This thirst for knowledge has given me a sound functional knowledge in all areas of website creation.

In the past few years I have completed a number of short courses in all areas of multimedia as well as small business management and marketing. With this new experience combined with my Film and Television experience I now have the know how and ability to handle any part of your adertising campaign. With trial and error and the school of hard knocks behind me, you can now benefit from my experience in the Multi Media industry. I can confidently offer my services to anyone who is looking for solutions to the increasingly complex field of digital media marketing. These abilities are not confined just to the equine market. My Market research skills will extend to and find all solutions needed to expose your business ideas to the mass media audiences.

Of course to survive in this Industry you have to learn to adapt. As demand grows so does my experience in the Live Streaming market. Over the past few years my Live Streams have evolved into an extremely valuable package as a tool for clubs to promote their sponsors in a professional manner. It's thanks to my Film and Television experience that I have been able to achieve this.