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Of the many productions I have worked on over the years nothing is more fun than marrying music and video together. Not only is it a joyous occasion for yours truly, it is also engaging for your audiences. Using music to promote your business, event or product is an effective way to keep your audience engaged.

Just over ten years ago I began videoing cutting horse events for the judges to replay when required. Because the sole reason for my job is for the judges I am restricted to shooting from one angle only. Despite this about ten years ago I managed to put together a music clip from a show and threw in a few photos for variety. The end result was Ok but I was never really totally happy with it. I had to find a way to do my job as required and also shoot the action from various angles to add some interest. Here is my first attempt.

New gadgets made that possible.

For many years I was looking for camera mounts that could help me achieve my goal. Finally after ten years I found a simple gadget to make this a reality. Simply it is just a camera mount on one end a clamp on the other. Its called the Manfrotto superclamp. super clampI can now clamp a camera to just about anything and place my second camera just about anywhere. Armed with this new gismo I used it at the first show and decided to use the excercise to experiment with different camera angles to see which ones would be most effective. I didn’t expect much for the first attempt, but as it turns out I was pleasantly surprised. Of course nothing beats a camera operated by a cameraman, but in this situation I really have no other choice. The quality of this clamp is super impressive.

Still room for improvement

After spending countless hours going through the many hours of footage recorded at that single event it was time to put it all together. The editing process was quite quick once the shots had been selected. That process took me a good part of a week. Nonetheless the end product was quite effective and demonstrates what can be achieved using music to promote your business, event or product. The different camera angles certainly has made an improvement.

Using music to promote your business

So here is the finished product. Take 2 I call it and I am looking forward to take 3. With the lessons I have learned from take 2 I am now ready to improve on this even more. Stay tuned.

Other examples on how video can be used for promotion can be found here¬†and here. Don’t forget about my Youtube channel either. If you are a cutting horse tragic there are many clips you can view on there too. Here’s the link The Cutting Channel.


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